Welcome to our Governors section


The governing board is a federation of Gayton and Middleton Church of England Primary Academies.  The board was formed in December 2018 as a partnership of the two schools.

The Board members for the federation are:

Governor Chair Term Start Term End Resignation Date Governor Type Appointed by Declaration of Pecuniary or Personal Interest Attendance record for Meetings 2018/19
Rachel Mellor No 15/10/2018 14/10/2022   Appointed DNEAT    
Anthony (Tony) Leigh Yes 22/11/2018 21/11/2022   Appointed DNEAT    
James Shilling No 22/11/2018 21/11/2022   Appointed DNEAT    
Becky Box No 15/10/2018 14/10/2022   Parent Election    
Andrew Dewing No 15/10/2018 14/10/2022   Parent Election    
Daniel Barnes No 15/10/2018 14/10/2022   Parent Election    
Rev Jane Holmes No 15/10/2018 ex-officio   Incumbent      
Rachael Greenhalgh   ex-officio ex-officio   Headteacher      
Jane Hill         Clerk      

The board meets monthly and fulfils the functions of usual committees during these meetings.

The governing body has three main functions.

  • Ensuring clarity of vison, ethos and strategic direction in accordance with the DNEAT Ethos and Mission Statement.
  • Working with DNEAT to hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the Academy and its pupils.
  • Working with DNEAT in overseeing the financial performance of the Academy and ensuring the money is well spent


Primary responsibility for these functions is held by the DNEAT Board of Trustees, but it delegates responsibility to the local governing body of each academy via a Scheme of Delegation. Our Scheme of Delegation for this academic year can be found on the web site.

Our priorities for the coming year are:-


Challenging leaders at all levels maintain a sharper focus in plans and practice on what is being done to improve teaching and learning and what impact this is having on improving more rapidly the progress that pupils and groups of pupils are making.


Challenging teachers have high expectations of all pupils and set work at the right level for pupils by taking account of what they already know and can do, and what they need to learn next.


We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents – please contact the Chair of Governors via the Academy office on 01553 840234.