Successful Behaviour at Middleton CE Primary Academy

Information for children

Ready, Respectful, Safe.

Together being the best that we can be in mind, body and spirit!

“In everything, treat others the same way you want them to treat you”

Matthew 7:12

READY - arrive on time, have the right equipment, listen carefully, start activities promptly.

RESPECTFUL – Use kind words to children and adults, use equipment carefully.

SAFE – treat people kindly, use equipment safely.

We have two routines we ask you to follow:

  • Be READY to listen and put your hand up when an adult puts their hand up.
  • Keep SAFE by walking with pride.

We want you to know that when you are behaving well.

Adults will always praise your good behaviour and describe what you are doing well. We will show your good work or share your good behaviour with other adults. We will award you Dojos.

We want you to be proud of your behaviour.

We celebrate this in our PRIDE IN PROGRESS Collective Worship

When things do not go well


We will REMIND you that you are expected to be READY, RESPECTFUL, SAFE


If your behaviour does not improve will give you a CAUTION. We tell you to ‘Think carefully about your next step’.


If the problem continues you will be spoken to privately and given a LAST CHANCE. We will remind you of how well you usually behave.


You will be given a short amount of TIME OUT to think, breathe and get yourself READY to improve the situation


You will have a short conversation at break or lunchtime to talk through the problem and REPAIR the situation.

Some children who are still learning to be Ready, Respectful, Safe will have their own plan to help them improve their behaviour.

If there is a serious problem which means that someone is not being SAFE, they will be given TIME OUT straight away and we will need to talk to their family.

If you have a problem at school, it is very important that you talk to an adult and speak to someone at home. We will work hard to try and solve the problem so that you can continue to feel SAFE but ask you to try and solve problems first using the 1,2,3 rule:

  1. “No stop it! I don’t like what you are doing.”
  2. “I’ve told you once and if you do it again I’m telling a grown-up.”
  3. The child tells an appropriate adult.

We will ask you if you have used the rule before we help you.


Ready, Respectful, Safe.

For our full behaviour policy please follow the link below.