Ladybirds Class - Spring Term Remote Learning



This term our school class topic is Australia, with a geographical focus.  We will be investigating Australia as a continent, its climate, its landmarks and the wonderful variety of animals and humans who live there.

Weekly School and Home Learning Live lesson timetable.

All specific lesson content are put on the website the day before.  Live links, resources and video links are put on Class Dojo at least 30 mins before each session.  If you are unable to attend the session, you can track back on the class story to find all the details from each session.  The sessions will build on prior learning so it is important to catch up on missed sessions.

Everyday at school the children do precision teaching of high frequency words and phonics.  It takes less than 5 mins each day.

Please start on the first 100 word sheet.  (Do them in chunks of 10).  When your child knows all of the words, start on the Year 1 common exception words then progress to the next 200 words.  Read through the list of words daily until your child knows them.
I've also put up a list of the phonic sounds which they need to practise every day.  Learn one colour before moving onto the next colour.

Ideas for Physical Activity Sessions