Royals Class (Years 5 and 6)

Who works in Royals Class?

  • Mrs Hill is the class teacher. She is also English curriculum lead for the whole school and SENDCo. 

  • Mrs Scott is HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant). She works in class every day and takes children out for smaller group learning. She also helps out in the other classes sometimes.

  • Mrs Footer is teaching assistant. She is in class every day.

  • Mr Hall from the Norfolk Music Service teaches music on a Tuesday afternoon.

  • Dave and Stu from East Anglia Sports Academy take ‘Good to be Green’ reward time on Friday afternoons. 

  • If you have any queries, please talk to Mrs Hill in the first instance.



Our learning

Our learning 1 Royal Class investigating lung capacity.
Our learning 2

Poems by Year 5 and 6 based on 'A Poem to be Spoken Silently' by Pie Corbett.


Silent Surroundings

It was so silent

that I heard a snowflake

disappear in the blue.


It was so peaceful

that I heard petals bloom

in the midnight sky.


It was so still

that I heard the sun say, "Bye." 

to the moon.


It was so calm

I heard the stars travel

endless worlds. 


Sam Year 6



It was so Silent


It was so silent

I heard the tree saying, "Goodbye," to its winter leaves 

and , "Hello," to the spring.


It was so calm

I could hear the clouds moving

as the day goes on.


It was so still

I could see everything

Freezing to stillness.


It was so cold

That I could sense

The sun smiling

Down at the clouds. 


Year 6 pupil



It was so silent

that I heard

a worm wiggling 

in the mud.


It was so peaceful

that I heard 

a snail shivering

as it hid from a bird.


It was so calm

that I heard

a flower unfolding its petals

ready to smile in the sun.


It was so still

that I saw 

a ladybird munching

on an evergreen leaf.


It was so quiet

that I felt

the earth roll over as it

bathed in the sun's rays. 


Year 6 pupil


It was so Peaceful


It was so peaceful

that I heard shipwrecks 

settle into their graves.


It was so peaceful

I heard an ant 

dance to the wind.


It was so peaceful

I heard blossom 

spring off the trees

and slowly rest to the ground.


Year 6 pupil






A Poem based on 'The War of the Worlds' by H.G. Wells


A Horrible Sight

Ground smashing

Buildings falling

People dying

What a horrible sight.


Tripods emerging from the ground

The legs oscillating into people

like a football.


Now the sun has gone.

People are running.

The moon shows its face.


The tripods shoot up 

into space.

People are crying.

They left our world a mess.


Year 6 pupil